I’m an executive level strategist. I do strategy and research for design (all kinds), marketing communications (all kinds), and anywhere makers and creators need to connect with users. I’m digitally charged, experience driven and outcome focused. 

I work with global behemoths as well as startups. On four continents so far (Brazil, call me). Many categories and endless challenges. All media and every touchpoint. I’ve seen it from every angle and understand all the moving parts in a world of dramatic change. I move quickly and breathe slowly. 

I believe in radical integration of experience - framed by strategy, insight, and stories, in each and every design, engagement, content, communication, culture, and channel. I can’t be the only person who thinks it’s way overdue. 

I’ve been a strategy director or senior strategist at Weiden+Kennedy, McCann, Mullen, and uber cool design shop JDK. I also took time to do some serious work in organizational development and social sector consulting. 

I earned my masters at Yale, and studied at the New England Conservatory. 

I'm also a fanatic musician, and really into design, comedy, art, difficult books, and hiking. 

And I try not to start sentences with I in real life.